For your romantic and passionate moments

Wrapped by the silence of nature, lulled by the rustle of the trees, by the slow waves of the swimming pool, by the sound of the crackling fire in the fireplace and by the slow dance of the flame of the candles.

La Culla is the ideal place to rediscover love and passion: a night just for the two of you, relaxing, intimate, warm and passionate.

We can take care of every detail to make this moment special, to make it your magic moment.

Our passion suggestions

1. Tender is the night
An exotic cocktail to be enjoyed in the hot tub, a romantic seafood caviar and champagne dinner at midnight in the wellness area.
2. The scent of passion
A candlelight dinner in the spa after an elegant aperitif enjoyed in the hot tub, A Bouquet of red roses on the table and a bottle of fine "Bubbly" to celebrate to your love.
3. Warm like chocolate
Immersed in the hot tub just stretched your hand to taste delightful strawberries dipped in warm dark chocolate. Followed by a romantic candlelight dinner only the two of you and your powerful passion.
4. Lulled by the waves
A toast in the wellness area at your exclusive disposal lulled by the soft water swirl. A romantic candlelight dinner with background music to accompany the sound of your love.